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Reduce the time you spend on management tasks and maximize the time you spend with patients or performing exams.

Simplify your daily management as optometrists and opticians

  • Integrated with Telus Health eClaims

  • Book appointments online

  • Online supplier catalogues

  • Manage your schedule remotely

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Optosys Solution has been designed to meet multiple management needs based on different clinic configurations.

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Tried and tested. Our team of experts dedicate special attention to software maintenance. We follow a rigorous quality assessment process and engage focus groups to make sure every feature performs without incident, giving you a stable and reliable solution you can count on.



Your data and access are protected. Data is encrypted on secure Websites (like the ones used by banks). In addition, backups are automated and various types of access are available based on the user.



Our specialists are listening.Our telephone support system means you have access to an Optosys specialist at any time. You can count on our experts to support and guide you every step of the way.



Constantly improving. We invest in research and development to create the most innovative products and solutions. That means your clinic can continue to grow and evolve along with our clinic management software.

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